Are you married to that author?

Why yes, I am married to Jamie Ford



Born and raised in Great Falls.

I can remember the mezmerizing smell of chicken at The Broaster and the blare of the Burger Master intercom. I walked, rode my bike, and played in all our parks. I swam in all of our community pools. I loved the merry-go-round at Paris Gibson Park, the pulley ride in Black Eagle, and hours of hide-and-go-seek at dusk.

I attended Roosevelt, Lincoln, East, Paris and Great Falls High.

I've grown up, gone away, come back, worked my way through nursing school while pregnant, suffered the tragic loss of my first husband while my children were small, remarried and raised many children, teens, and am now watching them figure out 'adulting' in and out of college. 

Nursing home, doctor's office, hospital, and MSU's College of Nursing are just a few of the places I've played (well, worked).

In 17 years, I have never fallen out of love with nursing--or caring for others.

I'm ready to care at a new level.