As proud Montanans, we are one big working family.


To grow together and to succeed together, we need to nurture both our rural and urban communities and their diverse economies.

We need growth that is sustainable, accountable, and carefully designed to protect our way of life, our natural resources, and our public lands. 

And like any family, we need fiscal responsibility––the kind that reflects caring for the next generation, not just the next election cycle.

Better healthcare, better economy

As a nurse and nurse educator, I’ve witnessed the devastating effects of cuts to our mental health services, substance abuse programs (both prevention and treatment), and child wellness initiatives. We should be evaluating these programs, not by what they cost, but by the societal and economic impact of not funding them. A better metric is to measure the costs we are saving––in law enforcement, corrections, emergency and other social services, by taking care of families and especially children at risk.


Education is prevention in disguise

My daughter is a fourth grade teacher at a low-income elementary school. I teach for the Montana University System. Better education at all levels, K-12, college and universities, as well as trade schools and journeyman programs, improves the well-being of our communities though greater employment, less crime, and economic mobility.  


I’m a public landowner and so are you

Public lands are our national treasures. Which is why I support access and responsible management of public land for hunting, fishing, recreation, and grazing. The environment is so important the rights to clean water and clear air are in the Montana State Constitution.


Quality of life is an economic resource

From farmers and ranchers, to small business owners and large urban employers, most will tell you they live here for the quality of life. Montana is a shared experience of independence. That’s why I live here. That’s why we raised our children here. It’s what makes our state a unique destination for visitors and innovators. 

Leesha Ford. Wife. Mother. Nurse. Nurse Educator. Community Builder. Your candidate for HD21.

Leesha Ford. Wife. Mother. Nurse. Nurse Educator. Community Builder. Your candidate for HD21.